Why learning piano is worth the investment

A Lifelong Skill
Anybody can steal your physical assets, but nobody can steal your skills. Just like learning how to ride a bicycle, once you learn how to play the piano, this skill will stick with you for the rest of your life! Even if one day you decide to stop playing for a while, it is a skill you won’t completely forget and it will be much easier to pick up from where you left off if you decide to start playing again.


Increases the capacity of your memory
Playing the piano stimulates your brain and can improve your cognitive skills and increase your memory. If you learn how to play the piano, the parts of your brain that control motor skills, hearing, storing audio information, and memory actually grow and become more active. Research has shown that regularly playing the piano alters the shape and power of the brain and may be used in therapy to improve cognitive skills.


Sharpens concentration and enforces discipline
Playing the piano requires you to concentrate on things like rhythm, pitch, tempo, note duration and quality of sound. As you move from the easy and fun stuff to the hard parts of music, it can get challenging and definitely requires discipline to practice often. The best musicians in the world are masters of discipline.

Enhances coordination
When you play the piano, you need both hands to be equally active. It requires a lot of coordination when you have to play the melody on one hand, and the accompaniment on the other. It also requires a lot of hand-eye coordination. When you read musical notes, your brain has to subconsciously convert each individual note into specific motor patterns to play on the piano. You will definitely have good coordination skills when you master playing the piano!


Improves language skills
Playing the piano develops aural awareness, which makes it easier for you to understand the sound patterns of foreign languages. It helps greatly when you have trouble hearing in a noisy background! It can also help to fight dyslexia while it is still developing.


It has been scientifically proven that playing a musical instrument like piano enriches us mentally and benefits our physical health. Here are some health benefits that you never knew you could attain from just by playing the piano!


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