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Create a tutor profile in 5 mins

Fill in what you would like to teach, your rates and relevant information

Wait for approval

Give us 1-2 working days to look through your profile

Receive chat requests from students

Students will contact you via chat to clarify details before booking you on Edukidme

Have your lesson

You will receive contact details of students that have booked you, then proceed to teach your first lesson


Why Join Edukidme As a Tutor?


You get to set your own schedule, timing and rates. Students can easily see your rates and availability on our platform, so you won’t have to keep repeating them to every student. It saves a lot of time for both parties.

Instant Communication

Our platform allows students to directly contact you and you can chat with them instantly using our live chat! No longer will you have to search for students or wait for an agent to contact you!

Free Registration

Registration is free and your listing will be on our website once approved. You will be able to get as many students as possible as long as you are active on our platform. We only charge if you have bookings via our site.

Free Plan Forever

$0 / month
  • Instant chat system to communicate with students
  • Chat system with email fallback if user / tutor is offline
  • Pay only when you have a successful booking
  • Searchable tutor profile with superior search filters
  • Set any rates and duration for your lessons
  • Email of student details on successful bookings
  • Write your own tutor description
  • Edukidme takes commission fees of 2 lessons
Frequently Asked Questions for Tutors

Yes it is! We do not charge for listing your profile and services on our site.

Click "Let's Get Started" on this page and fill in your details, together with your scanned certificates. Give us 1-2 working days for approval after your submission for us to verify your certificates.

We take commission fees of 2 lessons for matching you up with the student. You can collect fees directly from the student for 3rd lesson and onwards.

- No off-platform communication

- All communication (messaging, file sharing, payments etc.) between students and teachers must occur through the chat function Edukidme. This means that sharing of phone numbers is not permitted until after payment is being made.

- No promotion of personal website/services

- Please retrain from posting/sharing links to competitive services, including personal websites.

Our refund policy is between us and the student. Should the student requests for a refund before their 2nd lesson and within 30 days from the booking date, we will refund the student directly. You will not be involved in the process but we may contact you for more details.

This is to ensure that you are indeed qualified to teach. Parents would want to have assurances that their children are being taught by a certified professional as well.

If you teach more than one instrument, you can indicate when signing up/creating your account. You will be able to select more than one instrument and have a different pricing for each.

To ensure a pleasant experience for our students, we do look through all listings thoroughly before approval.


Have more questions? Drop us an email at or use our live chat feature.