Refer-a-Student Program

You get $20, Student gets $20!

1. Create an Account

If you are a teacher, designated referrer or student of Edukidme, you will have access to our Refer-a-Student program.

2. Copy your Referral Code

Navigate to 'Coupons' tab and copy your coupon code. If you are a new customer, your unique coupon will be created in 2 working days.

3. Refer a Student to Book a Lesson

Refer a student to book a lesson and checkout using your coupon code. They get $20 off their booking, you get $20!

Edukidme offers a referral program for all our students, teachers and designated referrers. To refer, simply create an account (if you are a teacher or designated referrer), or checkout as a student (you must checkout in order to get a referral code). If you are a teacher but unable to teach at a particular area that your student lives, you can also refer them to us using your coupon code and you will receive commission on successful booking.

Why Participate

Our Referral Program

Automated Tracking

We utilise automated tracking so that every one of your referral is logged. You can check referral statistics anytime!

Payout in Cash

Our payout is in cash to your paypal account. Not points, not credits that you can't use.

Easy Signup

Simply checkout as a student or sign up as a teacher and you will have access to our Refer-a-Student Program

Get Started

How to Refer

Share on Social Media

Share your referral code via Facebook / Email / Whatsapp / Instagram / LinkedIn or other social networks. Your friends will appreciate the discount.

Share on your Website

Introduce to your readers Edukidme and share your referral code with them. This could be your stream of regular passive income.

Share to your Community

If you are frequently in contact with a community that will require Edukidme’s services, it doesn’t hurt to share our website.

Refer-a-Student Program

Frequently Asked Questions

You get SGD $20 credited to your paypal account 30 days after the booking is made. Your referred user gets SGD $20 discount on their booking price for using your referral code. 30 day period is required to ensure that student does not ask for a refund or issue chargeback.

Your referral code is unique and belongs only to you. Every user has a different referral code.

Sorry we do not allow bank transfers at the moment. Creating a paypal account is free. If you do not wish to create now, you can create one when you have a pending payout.

Please give us 2 working days for your unique coupon code to appear in your referral dashboard after signing up as a teacher or after completing your first checkout as a student.

Sorry we do not allow that.

That should not happen as our referral program has a automated dashboard which you can monitor who has used your coupon code and when. In the event you are certain that you should be credited, we can trace for you. Simply email us at hello@edukidme.com

Newly Launched

Payout to Users via Referrals

Commissions earned
Users referred

Looking for affiliate program?

Join as Affiliate

Our affiliate program is a way for people to get rewarded for spreading the word about us. As an affiliate, the more completed bookings we have on Edukidme from your website, the more money you earn! Our affiliate program is completely free, and is integrated with our referral program within the same dashboard. Once registered, you can begin earning high commission with minimal effort. Visit our affiliate page here.