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How Edukidme works

1. Request for Piano Teacher

Fill up a 1 minute form on the type of teacher you are looking for, including location you are based in and details of the student.

2. Chat with Teacher

Teachers that fit your criteria will chat with you via our site. If you are offline, chat notifications will be sent to your email! Settle lesson details with them via chat.

3. Book and Turn Up

Book your teacher on their profile page once details are finalised. Turn up for lesson with a piece of mind with our 100% money-back guarantee.

Why Edukidme for piano lessons?

Over here at Edukidme, you will find qualified piano teachers in Singapore. Every parent / student wishes to engage a good piano teacher, but sometimes certain factors like location, convenience and cost may hinder them from doing so. On our platform, you have the flexibility of choosing what works best for your schedule and not have to fret whether the teacher is qualified because we have done the screen checks for you. If you do not have a piano and would like to try out piano lessons first before investing in one, you can chat with the teacher of your choice based on your preferred location. Edukidme offers the following:

1. Ability to filter by criteria

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Current / Former music school teacher
  • Day of availability
  • Spoken languages

2. 100% Satisfaction guarantee or money back

We only allow the best teachers on our platform and this is why we allow a money-back guarantee. If you are not pleased with your first lesson, simply let us know and we will refund your money. You can read more about this over at our FAQ for students

3. Ability to live chat with tutor before any payment is made

Would you pay blindly for a service trusting that tuition agencies will give you the best teachers they have? We wouldn’t! That’s why we have live chat on Edukidme. We know you may have loads of questions before engaging your first piano teacher therefore we let you chat directly with the piano teachers even before payment is made. This is to ensure you understand what and who you are exactly paying for.

Questions about piano lessons? You can scroll down to find our FAQ or contact us via:

Live chat at the bottom right corner
Email us at hello@edukidme.com
Call / WhatsApp us at +65 8753 0324


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Affordable Lessons

How much do piano lessons cost?

Exact cost of piano lessons will vary depending on the teacher, location and duration of lesson.

~$ 1
For 30 min lesson (Beginner to Grade 3)
For 45 min lesson (Beginner - Grade 3)
Have a Question?

You will have to make payment (a total of 2 lessons) by clicking on the 'book' button on a tutor page. We accept major credit cards and Paypal.

If you are not satisfied with your lesson, please send us an email at hello@edukidme.com and state your reasons for dissatisfaction. We will refund 100% of the amount to you.

Sorry, we are unable to provide a money back guarantee if you have taken more than 1 lesson. It would not be fair to the tutor.

You have 30 days from the day you place your order to ask for refund should you find your 1st lesson unsatisfactory. Beyond that time frame or if you have had your 2nd lesson, we will not be able to offer a money back guarantee.

Not to worry, we conduct thorough checks of certifications before each tutor is approved.

There are no hideen fees/charges, we do not take any fees from you. We only take a percentage cut from our tutors on the first month.

All credit card details will be processed by the payment company. We do not handle the details, neither do we store them. We use industry leading company, Paypal, that adhere to strict data protection.

You do not need a PayPal account to make payment. Having a PayPal account is optional.

Why choose private piano teachers over piano schools?

There are numerous music schools out there like Yamaha and Cristofori, why do people still choose private piano teachers over such schools?

1. Flexibility in location

Private teachers are willing to travel to your preferred location, be it a studio or your house, as long as it is conveyed upfront. This can save you time or give assurance that your kid is actively participating during lesson. Over on Edukidme, all you have to do is let the teacher know that you are keen on them travelling to your place when chatting with them. It’s that simple!

2. Flexibility in schedule

Do you know that most music schools have fixed holidays that a student has to pay for even though there are no lessons? Moreover, if the student is not free on the designated schedule due to urgent matters, he / she will not be able to get a refund for the missed lesson. However, private teachers do offer such flexibility. This results in cost savings when hiring a private teacher as opposed to a music school.

3. Flexibility in their curriculum

If you wish to spend more time on a particular song or you wish to learn a pop song during lessons, your private teacher can accommodate to your request. Your learning is catered to your needs and wants, that is the beauty of having private piano lessons.

Should I buy a piano?

It is not necessary to get a piano when you are starting out lessons. We would recommend that you first get started on lessons before deciding on a piano purchase. Piano teachers often know good piano deals that you might otherwise not know of. This way, you will actually be saving more on your first purchase and get the right piano that will suit your learning needs.

Where should I have my piano lessons?

Wondering where to have your piano lessons at? Having your piano lessons at the teacher’s home/studio can actually help the student’s learning to be more efficient and productive as most piano teachers tend to have higher quality pianos and conducive learning environments. However, it is common for parents to prefer having their teachers over for classes as it can free up time for the parents, reducing hassle of travelling around and an hour of boredom. It is also not uncommon for piano teachers to charge slightly higher for travel expenses. Ultimately, it boils down to your schedule and cost.

How much do piano lessons cost?

Prices for piano lessons can vary between $40 to $120 per hour. This is very much dependent on a few factors – Experience and qualifications of teacher, level of difficulty, location of lesson. Highly experienced teachers who have taught previously at music schools tend to charge higher.

How long is a piano lesson?

Piano lessons can vary between 30 mins to 75 mins, although most would be around 45 minutes. This difference in the session length boils down to the difficulty of the lesson. As a general guide, Beginner to Grade 3 lessons are 30 mins, Grade 3 – Grade 6 are 45 mins while those of higher difficulty can go between 45 mins to 75 mins. Remember, your teacher knows best. Just chat with them on our site.

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