How Far I’ll Go – Moana (Easy Piano Score/Sheet)

How Far I’ll Go – Moana (Easy Piano Version)
Moana how far will I go (easy piano score part 1)

You can download the full 2 page music sheet over here

We notice that a lot of young beginners who have just started learning the piano are usually interested in learning pop piano music (especially popular Disney songs) but are always told by their piano teachers that they have to finish learning the basics first because the scores for these songs are way too hard. Sometimes this will make the kids lose interest in learning the piano if they don’t get to play any of the pieces that they wish to play. Therefore here at Edukidme, we have composed easy versions of these famous Disney songs so young beginners can play and enjoy their favourite songs while at the same time learn the fundamentals of piano on the go.


This particular score is “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s animated feature ‘Moana’ in the key of C major so that young beginners can play the song without having to remember any key signatures. Even though this is a fairly easy piece of music, all the note values that a young beginner should know are all present – crotchet, minim, dotted minim, semibreve, dotted crotchet, quaver and semiquaver. This actually helps to make it easier for them to understand the rhythm of the note values (especially the dotted crotchet and quaver pairing), as they are already familiar with the melody. Tie notes can be found throughout the score which is perfect for young beginners to learn and understand that ties are used to extend notes of the same pitch and that the second note is always silent. There is only one sharp and one flat present in the score which is a good introduction to accidentals in music as they progress further in their playing skills.


We hope that this piece of music that we have composed will help your child/student in their learning journey and maintain their interest in learning the piano. Feel free to share it with your friends and family and other young beginners!


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