Health benefits to learning piano

Relieves Stress
Music is a form of art – just like an artist who paints his/her emotions onto a canvas; a musician can freely play a piece with emotions. This has proven to relieve stress, and it can be a great form of therapy. In fact, music therapy has been useful in treating children and teens with autism, depression, and other disorders.


Promotes social skills
Playing the piano can be a great way to enhance your social skills. When you see or know of someone who plays the piano just like you do, it immediately becomes a topic to talk about. You get to share piano scores with each other, teach one another new things, and even play duets together on the piano. Many people gain lifelong friendships through musical activities like these!
Strengthens hand muscles
Playing the piano has been known to be a great way of developing dexterity among children. It helps to make your arms stronger when you play the piano regularly using the correct posture of hands and arms. Generally, people who play the piano have stronger hand muscles as compared to those who don’t.


Creates a sense of achievement
From the day you start learning the piano, you are bound to face difficulties and musical challenges as you progress in your playing skills and learning journey. Each time you overcome a difficulty, it gives you a great sense of pride about yourself. When you can finally master that song that you never thought you could, you will feel very accomplished. This really helps to boost your self-esteem and confidence, which is essential to our well-being!


Promotes happiness in your life and those around you
Playing the piano can bring a lot of joy to you! Not only is it a delight to play music that you enjoy, it feels wonderful to hear an audience applaud you for giving a great performance. It can also be very honorable and gratifying to voluntarily play in your local community and see the happiness on people’s faces because they enjoy watching you play.



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